Saudi Visa: Evisa Process for Bulgarian and Dutch Citizens

For Bulgarian and Dutch citizens applying for a Saudi eVisa, it is important to meet eligibility criteria, submit accurate documents, complete the online form correctly, pay the processing fee, and track your application status diligently. Following these steps will lead to a successful eVisa process.

Key Takeaways

  • Bulgarian and Dutch citizens are eligible for Saudi eVisas.
  • Accurate information and required documents are crucial for the application.
  • Consulate assistance can be sought for document-related issues.
  • Processing fees are non-refundable upon visa denial.
  • Application status can be tracked online for real-time updates.

Eligibility Requirements for Evisa Application

To apply for the SAUDI VISA FOR BULGARIAN CITIZENS or SAUDI VISA FOR DUTCH CITIZENS, you need to meet specific eligibility requirements. The Saudi government conducts eligibility verification by reviewing your application thoroughly. It’s important to provide accurate information and make sure all sections are completed to avoid delays in the process.

Supporting documentation plays an important role in the application review. You must submit all required documents, such as a valid passport, recent photograph, and any additional paperwork requested by the Saudi authorities. Failure to provide the necessary paperwork could result in your application being rejected.

Once your eVisa is approved, it’s essential to note the visa validity period. The Saudi eVisa typically allows for a stay of up to 90 days within a one-year period. It’s important to adhere to the visa validity dates to avoid any issues during your stay in Saudi Arabia. Make sure to plan your trip accordingly within the approved timeframe.

Document Preparation and Submission

Make sure all your necessary documents are gathered and organized correctly before submitting your application for the Saudi eVisa as a Bulgarian or Dutch citizen. Begin by verifying that your passport is valid for at least six months from the intended date of entry into Saudi Arabia. Additionally, make certain that you have a digital copy of your passport bio page and a recent photograph meeting the Saudi visa photo requirements.

For document verification, double-check that all the information on your documents matches the details you’ll provide in your eVisa application. Any discrepancies could lead to delays or rejection of your visa application.

If you encounter any issues during the document preparation process, consider seeking consulate assistance. The consulate can provide guidance on the required documents and offer support in resolving any document-related issues that may arise.

Online Application Form Completion

Make sure your online Saudi eVisa application form is completed accurately and truthfully to avoid any delays in the processing of your visa. To guarantee a smooth application process, here are some tips for faster processing and troubleshooting common errors.

When filling out the online application form, double-check all the information you provide to avoid errors. Common mistakes include typos in passport numbers, incorrect dates of birth, or mismatched information. These errors can lead to delays in processing your visa, so review your form carefully before submission.

To expedite the processing of your Saudi eVisa, make sure all required fields are filled in accurately. Incomplete forms won’t be processed, causing unnecessary delays. Additionally, upload all necessary documents as per the guidelines to avoid any back-and-forth requests for additional information.

Payment of Evisa Processing Fee

You can conveniently submit the processing fee for your Saudi eVisa online through the designated portal. When making the payment, you’ll have various payment options available to choose from, such as credit card, debit card, or other online payment methods. The process is important and easy to navigate, ensuring a hassle-free transaction.

If for any reason your visa application is denied, the processing fee is generally non-refundable. However, in rare cases where the Saudi authorities reject the application due to specific reasons, you may be eligible for a fee refund. It’s vital to carefully review the terms and conditions regarding fee refunds before making the payment to understand the circumstances under which a refund may be possible.

Processing Time and Status Tracking

Track the status of your Saudi eVisa application and stay informed about the processing time through the designated online portal. Once you have submitted your eVisa application and paid the processing fee, the next step is to monitor the progress of your application and keep track of the processing time. The Saudi eVisa system allows you to check the status of your application online, giving you real-time updates on where your application stands in the processing queue.

To help you understand the processing time and status tracking better, here is a simple guide:

Processing StageDescription
Application ReceivedYour eVisa application has been successfully submitted.
Under ReviewYour application is currently being processed by the Saudi authorities.
ApprovedCongratulations! Your eVisa application has been approved.

Receiving and Printing the Evisa Permit

Once your evisa application is approved, you’ll receive an email with download instructions for your evisa permit. Simply follow the provided steps to download and print your evisa permit for your travel to Saudi Arabia.

Make sure to have a printed copy of your evisa permit with you during your trip for ease of entry and travel.

Evisa Download Instructions

To retrieve and print your Evisa permit, simply follow the steps outlined in the confirmation email sent to you upon approval of your application. The process is straightforward, ensuring you can easily access your permit for travel to Saudi Arabia. Here are some key points to keep in mind:

Evisa InformationDetails
Application troubleshootingIf you encounter any issues during the application process, reach out to the evisa assistance team for guidance.
Evisa validityYour Evisa permit is valid for a specific period, so be sure to check the expiration date before traveling.
Renewal processIf you need to renew your Evisa permit, familiarize yourself with the renewal process to guarantee a smooth change.
Additional helpFor any further assistance or clarifications, do not hesitate to contact the relevant authorities.

Printing Evisa Permit

After receiving approval for your Evisa application, proceed to promptly download and print your Evisa permit for travel to Saudi Arabia.

To print your Evisa permit, make sure you have a working printer with an adequate supply of paper and ink. Simply open the downloaded Evisa permit file on your device and select the print option. Confirm that your printer is connected and properly functioning before sending the document for printing.

If you encounter any issues while printing your Evisa permit, consider troubleshooting by checking the printer connection, restarting your device, or reinstalling the printer drivers. Additionally, verify that the Evisa permit file isn’t corrupted and try printing from a different device if problems persist.

Remember to print multiple copies of your Evisa permit to carry with you during your travels to Saudi Arabia. Keep the printed permits in a safe and easily accessible location to present when required.

Following these printing instructions and troubleshooting tips will help guarantee a smooth journey with your Evisa permit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Apply for a Saudi Evisa if I Have Dual Citizenship?

Yes, you can apply for a Saudi eVisa with dual citizenship. Take into account the implications of having two passports. Follow the regular visa application process and provide all relevant documentation for both nationalities.

Are There Any Specific Photo Requirements for the Evisa Application?

Yes, there are specific photo specifications for the evisa application. Make sure your photo meets the requirements to avoid delays. The evisa approval timeline varies but typically takes a few days to process.

Can I Use a Debit Card for the Evisa Processing Fee Payment?

Yes, you can use a debit card for the evisa processing fee payment. The payment process is quick and secure. Once you complete the payment, the processing time for your evisa application will begin.

Is There a Limit on the Number of Evisas I Can Apply For?

Yes, there are restrictions on multiple applications for evisas. The approval timeline varies. Check the official guidelines for specifics. Remember, each application may have different criteria and processing times.

Can I Enter Saudi Arabia Before Receiving the Evisa Permit?

You cannot enter Saudi Arabia before receiving the eVisa permit. Early entry is not allowed as it goes against visa regulations. Wait for the eVisa approval before planning your trip to Saudi Arabia to avoid any issues.


Congratulations on successfully completing the evisa application process for Saudi Arabia!

Remember to carefully follow the eligibility requirements, submit all necessary documents, and pay the processing fee on time.

Keep track of your application status and once approved, make sure to print out your evisa permit for your trip.

Safe travels and enjoy your time in Saudi Arabia!

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