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If you want to improve the appearance of your residence or commercial place, a professional external painting work can make a huge difference. If you are in Marietta, GA and are looking for topnotch painters then do not hesitate to get in touch with W&C Brothers Painters. Our team consists of experienced and highly talented exterior painters in Marietta, GA who aim at delivering excellent services that will change the exterior of any property. In this detailed guide we have covered all the advantages of employing professional painters, what services we offer as well as reasons why W&C Brothers Painters is the ideal choice for your exterior painting needs in Marietta.

Why You Need Professional Exterior Painting

Improving the Value of Real Estate

In this case, first impressions are very fundamental especially when it comes to properties. Whether you are a homeowner who intends to increase his/her house’s attractiveness or a business owner trying to lure clients; a fresh paint can go a long way towards making your building look different. In addition to enhancing beauty, professional exterior painting also adds value and marketability on your property.

Protection Against Deterioration

Most outside surfaces irrespective of being painted or not are exposed consistently to elements such as heavy sunlight, rainfalls, windy weathers and fluctuating temperatures. These conditions result into fading away as well peeling off through time due poor quality paints which have been used earlier. Professional exterior painters like those at W&C Brothers Painters employ premium materials plus techniques that shield these structures from environmental conditions. This saves your job life plus makes sure that there is no structural weakening within the building under discussion.

Time Saving And Ease Of Effort

Painting an outward side of any structure is never an easy task; it requires specialized skills plus some equipment for one to be successful in this area. When you hire professionals’ painters they save you time and energy rather than doing it yourself. For instance at W & C brothers’ painters our team handles all aspects of any painting job from the preparation stage up to the clearing, as a result, this offers you an opportunity for experiencing a smooth process without any difficulties.

Our Services

At W&C Brothers Painters, we offer different exterior painting services that are offered to our customers in Marietta Georgia. Some of our services include:

Exterior Residential Painting

Your home is one of your most valuable things and therefore it deserves excellent exterior residential painting services, which is meant to enhance its look and protect against harsh weather conditions. We work closely with homeowners in order to help them pick right shades that will blend well with their style or taste. In addition to that we ensure total accuracy in preparation procedures so that the paint holds firm without pealing off.

Commercial Exterior Painting

For businesses looking for new clients and maintaining the existing ones, their outward parts must always be appealing. Our commercial painters can work on various properties such as offices, retail stores among others. We do not like interfering with your company’s operations while undertaking the project; hence, we strive hard to produce top outcomes within set time limits.


The foundation of a good paint job lies in proper preparation. At W & C Brothers Painters’ team takes time to prepare all surfaces before applying paint on them thoroughly; for example power washing, scraping sanding plus priming so as to have even finishing effects. Moreover there will be some repair works done like crack filling and hole creation just as an underlay below the coat.

Choosing Colors

Selecting the right exterior colors can be confusing. We have experts who give advice on colors. We offer professional help in color selection that put into consideration things such as architectural style, surrounding environment and personal preferences. With our help, you will confidently choose colors that enhance the beauty of your property.

Eco-Friendly Solutions for Paint

At W&C Brothers Painters, we are committed to environmentally responsible practices. Our eco-friendly painting solutions are safe for both your family, pets and the environment. The minimal effect on indoor and outdoor air quality through our use of low-VOC and zero-VOC paints results into beautiful long-lasting finishes.

Why choose W & C Brothers painters?

A Team with Experience and Skills

Our team of painters is highly trained and experienced in all aspects of exterior painting. To give clients the best service possible we keep up with the latest industry techniques and trends. This has ensured excellence in all projects we undertake.

Quality Materials

We believe that quality materials are essential to a successful paint job. For this reason, we only work with top brands for our paints and other products. Our paints are developed to withstand Georgia’s harsh climate while ensuring protection and beauty over time.

Attention to Detail

W&C Brothers Painters prides itself on its attention to detail. From thorough preparation of surfaces to accurate application, we make sure every little thing is done carefully when it comes to your exterior painting project. We aim at going beyond what you expect so that you can feel proud about us.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal at W & C Brothers painters’. We work closely with our clients so that we understand their needs and preferences hence strive towards making their painting experience smooth as well as stress-free. That’s why many people consider us one of Marietta’s leading exterior painters because they know they can rely on us for high quality services matched by excellent customer service delivery.

Competitive Prices

We believe everyone should afford the best painting services at the top quality. We have affordable prices to go with our premium service. This comes through transparent cost estimates and detailed quotes that we prepare while working around your budget to give you the best returns on what you put in.

The Process of W & C Painters

Consultation and Estimate

We start by holding a comprehensive consultation whereby we discuss your project requirements and goals. Our no-obligation detailed estimate will outline the scope of work, materials needed and cost. We ensure that all this is stated clearly for you so that there are no surprises later on.

Surface Preparation

Proper preparation is essential for any successful paint job. All surfaces are power washed to remove dirt, mildew removed by scraping off loose paint followed by sanding rough spots then priming where necessary. Additionally, minor repairs are made so as to make it smooth and even.


Our skilled painters apply the paint using professional techniques to achieve a flawless finish. To ensure even coverage as well as a great final outcome, we use top-quality brushes, rollers as well as sprayers. In order to make sure every part of it is properly painted, we pay strong attention throughout its implementation process.


We believe in leaving your property better than we found it. After finishing painting work in an area, we clean it up thoroughly including removal of any debris or equipment used during the job. This gives us a final opportunity for inspection to establish if everything has met our quality standards.

Final Inspection Walkthrough

Final inspection with you is done upon completion of the project and to ensure your satisfaction. We see to it that any other concerns are addressed and that the final outcome pleases you. For us, we would want to leave behind a painted exterior that will give pleasure for many years ahead.


Hear what our customers have said about their experience with W&C Brothers Painters:

John D., Marietta, GA

“I am very pleased with the outside painting work which was done by W&C Brothers Painters on my house. They just changed everything in my home so as to create a different appearance for it. They were professional, punctual and very thorough throughout the entire process. I highly recommend them!”

Sarah P., Marietta, GA

“W&C Brothers Painters did a fantastic job on our commercial building. They were efficient and worked around our schedules not to cause much of an interruption. The workmanship is excellent; our clients frequently comment on how good it looks now! We shall absolutely use them again when we need further services.”

Mike R., Marietta, GA

“The attention to detail and quality work delivered by W&C Brothers Painters impressed me much. They took time to properly prepare surfaces using top of the range materials for this job. The end result was beyond what I initially expected; well done!”

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