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Custom packaging

Your Success Plan: Custom Packaging Sets Your New Business Apart!

In the Uk, every year approximately 660,000 new businesses register themselves. Unfortunately, around 20% of them won’t survive beyond their first year. One major factor behind this is their struggle to distinguish themselves from competitors. 

Simply having a unique selling point and a social media presence may fall short in today’s competitive landscape. To thrive, businesses must explore effective ways to truly engage with their target audience. This involves comprehending their desires and devising innovative strategies to fulfill them. 

Ultimately, success lies in forging strong connections and leaving a lasting impression on potential customers.

Making Customers Happy: Using Special Packaging

In today’s world, businesses need to keep their customers happy to succeed. One smart way to do this is by using special packaging. It makes your business different from others. However, many new businesses either don’t know about it or overlook its importance.

Let’s talk about the basics…

Custom packaging involves creating packaging tailored to fit a company’s requirements. It’s an opportunity to display your brand’s identity. For instance, you can easily incorporate your logo and utilize your brand’s colors on the box.

Expressing Your Brand Identity

This packaging allows you to establish your brand identity and communicate your brand’s message instantly.

With customized packaging options, you have endless possibilities. You can showcase your brand’s colors, utilize your brand’s font, or even share your brand’s story directly on the label. For example, if sustainability is central to your brand, ensure it’s evident on your packaging.

Incorporating it can significantly impact your new business, enabling it to distinguish itself in the market.

Crafting Unforgettable Unboxing Moments: The Art of Custom Packaging

You may be familiar with the phrase “The unboxing experience”, which is extremely important if you are a new eCommerce business.

Unboxing refers to the act of unpacking a box or product packaging. This experience should be a memorable and exciting interaction for the customer.

It is important for every business to create a memorable unboxing experience. But when it comes to eCommerce businesses, this sector needs to work particularly harder to connect with their customers. As opening their package may be the first touchpoint they encounter with the brand.

Customized packaging gives new businesses the opportunity to create distinctive packaging which offers a memorable unboxing experience. This can influence repeat purchases and even increase brand awareness online.

Enhanced Product Security Through Custom Packaging

Believe it or not, there’s not a one box fits all rule when it comes to packaging. Packaging provides better product protection.

Receiving damaged packaging can be detrimental to new businesses as it can lead to negative reviews, a bad reputation which can be hard to shift.

These packaging solutions are ideal for keeping your product safe and secure from most types of damage. The packaging size is customized to fully protect its contents.

Custom Packaging Edges Up Your Competition

First impressions count and your packaging has seven seconds to stand out to a consumer. If your bold custom packaging is on a supermarket shelf next to other competitors, who have opted for a kraft box. Which brand do you think will stand out the most?

Making your packaging unmistakable can give you the competitive edge your business needs to succeed. Let’s take Tiffany’s as an example. Everybody knows at a glance that the small blue box is a Tiffany’s box.

This brand has made its packaging so recognisable and iconic that it has become a strong brand value for them.

In the highly digital world we all live in, customers are much more likely to share photos of packaging that they find appealing on social media. If your packaging encourages social shares you can increase your chances of earning loyal customers and increase your brand reputation.

Cutting Costs: The Role of Custom Packaging in Shipping

There packaging requires less material to protect your products from damage; which as a result reduces shipping and delivery costs. The savings for a new business may not be immediate but they can add up over time.

Custom-sized packaging keeps your items secure, so you can feel confident that they will reach your customers in the same condition they left.

Quality personalized packaging prevents items from creating bulges within the packaging if they get moved during transit. New businesses that do not invest in custom packaging are known for squishing large items in the wrong size boxes. This can be a huge issue, as it increases the risk of damage and can even lead to an increase in shipping costs.

Going Green With Your Sustainable Custom Packaging

Personalized packaging is an open opportunity to invest in recyclable or reusable materials. Investing in sustainable packaging is an excellent way to protect the planet and also gain a marketing edge as a new business.

Recent studies have shown that consumers are focusing on sustainable living now more than ever. 74% of those surveyed recently stated they were willing to pay more for sustainable packaging and actively look for brands that offer this.

On The Ending Note

In conclusion, customized packaging is a powerful tool for new businesses to stand out and communicate their brand identity effectively. By utilizing custom packaging, businesses can leave a lasting impression on customers and carve out a niche in the competitive market landscape.


  • What is the difference between packaging and custom packaging?

Custom packaging is crafted specifically for a business’s requirements rather than relying on pre-made or standard packaging options. This involves altering various aspects of the packaging, including materials, dimensions, shapes, colors, designs, finishes, and other specifications. In essence, custom packaging is distinct from stock packaging in every aspect.

  • What are the 5 Ps of packaging?

Packaging indeed has its own set of 5 Ps, which serve as a valuable tool for comprehending and enhancing the effectiveness of a product’s packaging. These include: Promote, Position, Present, Provide, and Protect.

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