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Nexen Tire

Tyres are among the most crucial consumables for your car, and replacing its worn-out tyres is likely the single biggest thing you can do to enhance the way it handles, rides, and is safe to drive.

There are numerous manufacturers, and while the majority of people are familiar with names like Goodyear, Michelin, and Pirelli, there are a number of less well-known companies, order online Nexen tires , that produce excellent tires.

Over the past ten years, as a mechanic, I have been changing tyres on cars. Since then, I’ve put on about every kind of car you can imagine, some of the best nexen tire Michelin tires and some of the worst budget tires.

Who Are Nexen

Many drivers avoid putting any tyres on their car that they haven’t heard of, but considering how expensive tyres can be for your car, it’s frequently important to steer clear of some of the more expensive premium brands because of the expense, so you need to do your research on the tyres you want to use.

For instance, you don’t want to save on some of the cheapest “ditch-finders” and endanger yourself when the weather is extremely icy or rainy.The Korean company Nexen has been in business longer than most other tyre manufacturers, despite the fact that most people have never heard of them. Since 1942, they have produced tires originally for bicycles. They began making tyres for automobiles and commercial vehicles in the middle of the 1950s under the original name Heung-a-tyre.

How Do Nexen Tire Perform

1.Handling And Safety In Dry Area

Nexen tyres work best in the dry, like all other tyres do. All Nexen tyres in the CP and N series exhibit outstanding dry braking performance, excellent ride comfort, superb handling, and minimal road noise. They’re actually some of the quietest tyres available, with some only producing noises of about 68 dB.

The N’Blue HD Plus is the summer tyre we advise for drivers who want good dry weather performance. The N’Blue received a “satisfactory” rating in the summer tyre test conducted by Auto Bild 53 in 2021, earning acclaim for its safe driving qualities, low cost, and short stopping distances on wet roads.

2. In Wet Area

This is, in my experience, the point where Nexen tyres begin to degrade. Nexen tyres constantly receive criticism for performing poorly in the rain across countless testing and comparisons to other brands of tyres. In fact, the N’Fera SU1 received harsh criticism for its handling and braking abilities on wet surfaces in the 2020 Teknikens 17 inch Summer Tyre Test.

As previously said, this appears to be a prevalent concern with regard to the whole Nexen tyre line, including both the more expensive N’Blue and N’Fera lines as well as the more affordable CP series.

But it’s crucial to keep in mind that this is a mid-range tyre; it’s not a Pirelli or a Continental, so you shouldn’t expect premium performance from it.

3. In snow area

If you reside in an area that experiences snow or ice, Nexen’s WinGuard line of snow and ice ready tires is the best option. Of course, we don’t get much of this in the UK, but if you ever find yourself in need of a reliable winter tyre, this is it. The Winguard series of tyres performs well in deep snow, ice, or slushy situations since they are built of softer rubber compositions than Nexen’s other tyres. 

For effectiveness in snow and ice, we suggest the Nexen WinGuard Sport 2. It received favorable reviews for its stability in the dry and minimal road noise at the 2021 Auto Bild Winter Tyre Test, placing 10th out of 14 tyres. Long braking distances in the rain, however, have caused some anxiety.

Wear And Longevity

The tread wear on Nexen tyres is one of the most frequently voiced criticisms of them. It is unclear why this is the case; it may be because softer rubber compounds are used or simply because of the tyre’s design, but it appears that high wear is the most frequent complaint about Nexen tyres, second only to poor wet braking ability.

The Nexen N’Fera SU4, for instance, is most likely to survive only 20,000 miles based on internet ratings and data. Of course, it depends a lot on the type of driving you do, but given the cost of these tires, you could probably count on getting 30,000 miles out of them before needing replacement.

Ride Comfort 

Compared to some of the other brands in its price range, Nexen appears to be particularly strong in this area. Due in large part to Nexen’s 2005 patent for silicone rubber nanocomposites, this is most likely caused by the softness of the rubber compounds used to make the tyre.

The outstanding ride quality that Nexen tyres offer has received praise, and this is unquestionably one of their best qualities. This has been said about Nexen’s CP series and N series tyres, especially from publications like Auto Bild and Teknikens.

For someone who drives on the highway frequently, we believe Nexen tyres are a suitable option for them. Wear won’t be a major factor at highway speeds, but comfort will. 


A mid-range brand of tyres is Nexen. As a result, their prices are anticipated to be higher than those of lower-end, budget brands like Runway or Landsail but lower than those of higher-end brands like Dunlop and Pirelli.

We chose some popular car models and manufacturers to calculate the cost of a whole set of tires as well as the cost per tire to give you a general sense of what it could cost to install Nexen tires on your vehicle.

This information was accurate at the time of writing and was compiled from a variety of online tyre suppliers, including BlackCircles,, and Asda Tyres, but it may have changed by the time you read it.

Wrapping Up 

Nexen is a well-known tyre brand that is sold almost anywhere in the nation that fits tyres. Despite this, it appears that Nexen tyres are less widely available in the UK than rival companies like Toyo. 

Given that ProTyre carries a wide selection of Nexen tyres, we heartily recommend them. Nexen tyres, however, are available from any fast-fit garage or tire-fitting shop.

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