Famous murder case story: Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry

In 2007, the horrific deaths of Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patrie occurred, with both the children and the murdered being teenagers. According to some reports, the victim Gabriel Kuhn was just 12 years old and the killer was 16.

Both of them are gamers and get along for two reasons. One reason is that the neighbor and the other played the same game called Tibia. They became good friends because of the same interests. But according to medical reports, Daniel Patry is mentally unstable and easily angered over small matters.

Daniel Patri is good at this game and has many digital coins in the game. He even gave digital coins to other friends. He once gave his friend Gabriel Kuhn $20,000 of digital tokens, and it all fell apart when Kuhn refused to pay Patria’s request.

How the murder happened: Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patrie

According to official sources, Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patri are good friends. And they play Tibia because Patri has a lot of digital coins that he lends to his friends. One day Kun asks for coins instead, Patri shares 20,000 digital coins with him, but when Patri asks them to return them, Kuhn refuses, angrily Patri decides to kill him.

He brutally killed Kuhn by stabbing him with a sharp object, but investigators initially did not recognize the killer. Further investigation into the teenage player’s death leads to the identification of the killer as his 16-year-old accomplice, Daniel Patrie.

Patri has been sentenced to 3 years and is expected to be released after 3 because he is under 18 or he could spend the rest of his life in prison.

Patri’s Parents Reaction

According to various stories, parents were good-natured and kind. and they had no conflicts with their neighbours. This means that Patri grew up in a close-knit household. Additionally, his parents said they noticed some psychological changes in Patri’s behavior as he became angry with social conversations and academic performance. He doesn’t socialize with family and neighbors and walks mostly alone.

As his condition worsened day by day He was sent to a psychiatrist.

How the murder happened: Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patrie

The horrific death of Gabriel Kuhn’s Daniel Patrie occurred in 2007, but the event lasted more than a few years. But everyone remembers that event. Because both the victim and the killer were teenagers.

According to official sources, Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patri are familiar and they can play Tibia because Patri has many digital coins to borrow from his friend. Refund Kuhn refused. He was enraged and decided to kill him.

He bit Kuhn’s back hard with the sharp end of the tool. 

But the detectives know nothing about the killer until they begin investigating the infamous murder of a teenage gamer. And it turns out the culprit was none other than his rival, 16-year-old Daniel Pattrey.

Daniel Patrie’s primary reason for killing Gabriel Kuhn is because Kuhn owes him a debt. Some believe Patri might be erratic. Others believe the killing may have been intentional and that Patri was plotting to kill Kuhn in order to gain access to the digital coin.


The case of Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patrie has once again gained notoriety and is often discussed on the internet. This is especially true among fans of the game as Killing Kun refuses to return the 20,000 Patri digital coins he received in the game.

The total value of these coins was now about $1.75, by the time Kuhn died. Patri was eventually found guilty of murder and sentenced to three years in prison.

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