Fake News of Robots Killed Scientists in Japan

His plan to attack 4 robots and kill 29 scientists is announced. On the other hand, no such incidents have been recorded in Japan.

Many people know that this is not official news. But some people in America and around the world said it was news. A Japanese robotics company announced that four robots had attacked scientists and researchers. But this is not news at all

A prominent journalist who reported the death was accused of conspiracy.

where did you start

Who said robots kill people in Japan? Conspiracy theorist Linda Moulton Howe speaks at a panel discussion at the Life Conscience Expo in Los Angeles. December 2018: Published. Post on her Facebook with the class. Footage from this show has garnered a lot of attention in the virtual space. Howe tells the story of her four robots in a Japanese laboratory where she killed 29 scientists. As part of the program, Howe said he received a call from someone claiming to be a contractor for the National Security and Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA).

A former soldier described how a robot attacked a scientist with a steel shaft. Although some robots are banned by scientists. I will be forced to pay compensation and get back online soon.

is that correct?

This is the first time this attack has been announced, so there are no certainties. He wrote the researcher’s name. He did not provide any information regarding the history, location of the lab, or the time of the incident.

Later, after Linda’s story went viral, Snoops conducted an investigation and concluded that her story was false, he talked about artificial intelligence and his UFO dangers, a modern extraterrestrial It suggested that intelligence could be invented.

Snopes pointed out several gaps in the murder case that support their conclusion that it’s a hoax. 

The location and name of the alleged Linda massacre scientist and source have not been released, but Snoops reported that the scientist was not involved in the report. He repeated the same thing in an interview. However, according to sources, this is just a rumor. You said you sent an undocumented obituary.

In recent years, misinformation about race in America has been cited as an example. There is no evidence of such an event in Japan, and even in 2022 most Japanese still don’t know about the Holocaust.

The idea that scientists are responsible for the murders in Japan is not supported by even a sliver of evidence.

Did the so-called “Japanese robot uprising” really happen? 

This is considered fake news but is accepted as fact in some parts of the United States and other parts of the world. This story of four robots attacking a scientist/laboratory at Japan’s top robotics facility never made the news in Japan, but Japanese Americans who never heard of the shooting It was recently reported as an example of fake news from people.

In December 2018, social media users began spreading the news via short videos that four AI robots had killed 29 of them in Japan. The video was made by her girlfriend, Linda Moulton-Ho, an environmentalist and UFO scholar, at the Life Awareness Expo in Los Angeles in February 2018. The speeches were mostly about artificial intelligence, alien conflicts, and abductions. 

Howe graduated from Stanford University and is a former Miss Idaho.

Howe kicked off the event with a presentation by a leading Japanese robotics company discussing her four artificial intelligence systems designed for military applications. “What’s terrifying about this incident is that the lab staff turned off two of his robots and left the third, but the fourth started to recover on its own,” he said. He said. “This news has never been made public,” Howe continued. Robotics companies have lost a lot from going public, and more importantly

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