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Checking Your Phone Number Made Simple: NTC, Ncell, and Smart Cell


Checking Your Phone Number Made Simple: NTC, Ncell, and Smart Cell

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where someone asks for your phone number, and you draw a blank? Or maybe you’ve switched to a new network provider and can’t quite remember your own digits. We’ve all been there. But fear not! In this blog post, we will unravel the mystery behind checking your phone number with ease. Whether you are an NTC loyalist or prefer the services of Ncell or Smart Cell, we’ve got you covered. So sit back, relax, and let’s dive into the world of effortless number retrieval! Click here and Check Your Phone Number.

What is the NTC?

What is the NTC?

The Nepal Telecommunications Corporation, commonly known as NTC, is the oldest and largest telecommunications company in Nepal. Established in 1975, it has played a vital role in connecting people across the country.

NTC offers various services including landline phones, mobile phone services, internet connectivity, and data solutions. With its extensive network coverage spanning all major cities and rural areas of Nepal, NTC ensures that communication reaches every corner of the country.

As a state-owned enterprise, NTC focuses on providing reliable and affordable telecom services to its customers. It continually upgrades its infrastructure to keep up with technological advancements and meet the growing demands of users.

With NTC’s mobile phone service, you can enjoy clear voice calls and fast internet browsing on your smartphone. Additionally, they offer value-added services such as caller tunes, SMS packs, data packages tailored to suit different user needs.

Whether you are a business professional or an individual looking for seamless communication options in Nepal, NTC is here to cater to your requirements. Their commitment towards customer satisfaction makes them a trusted name in the telecom industry within the nation.

In summary,Nepal Telecommunications Corporation (NTC) serves as a reliable and affordable telecommunications provider with comprehensive coverage throughout Nepal. From landlines to smartphones,data packages,and additional services such as caller tunes,the company strives to provide top-notch connectivity options for both individualsand businesses alike.

What is Ncell?

Ncell is one of the leading telecommunications companies in Nepal, providing mobile services to millions of people across the country. With a strong network coverage and excellent customer service, Ncell has become a popular choice for both individuals and businesses.

As a subsidiary of Axiata Group Berhad, Ncell offers a wide range of services including voice calls, data plans, SMS messaging, and value-added services like caller tunes and international roaming. Whether you need to make important phone calls or stay connected with friends and family through social media apps, Ncell has got you covered.

What sets Ncell apart from other telecom providers is its commitment to innovation. They continuously introduce new features and technologies to enhance the user experience. Their focus on expanding network coverage ensures that customers can stay connected even in remote areas.

Moreover, Ncell provides various recharge options for prepaid users so that they can easily top up their balance whenever needed. The company also offers postpaid plans for those who prefer monthly billing cycles with added benefits such as higher data limits or unlimited calling minutes.

Ncell has established itself as a reliable telecommunications provider in Nepal with exceptional service quality and exciting offerings. If you’re looking for an efficient mobile network that caters to your communication needs effectively, then Ncell should definitely be on your radar!

What is Smart Cell?

What is Smart Cell?

Smart Cell is a leading mobile network operator in Nepal, offering reliable and affordable telecommunications services. As one of the major players in the Nepali telecom industry, Smart Cell has gained popularity among users for its extensive coverage and cost-effective plans.

With a focus on providing seamless connectivity to its subscribers, Smart Cell offers a range of services including voice calls, SMS messaging, data packages, and value-added services. Whether you need to make important phone calls or stay connected on social media platforms, Smart Cell ensures that you have access to high-quality network coverage wherever you go.

One of the key advantages of choosing Smart Cell as your service provider is their commitment to affordability. They constantly strive to offer competitive rates and attractive bundles that cater to different user needs. This makes it easier for individuals from all walks of life to enjoy uninterrupted communication without breaking the bank.

Furthermore, Smart Cell emphasizes innovation and customer satisfaction by regularly introducing new features and technologies. From advanced mobile internet capabilities to personalized offerings tailored specifically for their users’ preferences, they are constantly evolving with changing trends in the digital landscape.

In conclusion

If you’re looking for a reliable mobile network operator in Nepal that combines quality service with affordability and innovation, then look no further than Smart Cell. With their wide range of offerings and commitment towards customer satisfaction, they ensure that staying connected has never been simpler or more convenient!

How to Check Your Phone Number

How to Check Your Phone Number

Checking your phone number may seem like a simple task, but sometimes we forget or misplace our own digits. Whether you’re using NTC, Ncell, or Smart Cell, there are easy ways to find out your phone number.

For NTC users, simply dial *9# and your number will be displayed on your screen in an instant. It’s quick and hassle-free!

If you’re an Ncell user, dial *903# and follow the prompts on your screen. Within seconds, you’ll have your phone number at hand.

Smart Cell users can check their numbers by dialing *134#. The information will pop up on their screens immediately.

These methods provide a convenient way to access your phone number without any fuss. No need to search for old bills or contact customer service.

Remember that it’s always useful to know how to check your own phone number so that you can share it with others when needed.

Alternatives to Checking Your Phone Number

Alternatives to Checking Your Phone Number

So, what if you don’t want to go through the hassle of checking your phone number using the traditional methods? Luckily, there are a few alternative ways to retrieve this information. Let’s explore them below.

1. Contact your service provider: If you’re not keen on dialing codes or sending texts, simply give your network operator a call. The customer service representative will be able to provide your phone number after verifying your identity.

2. Check the SIM card packaging: When you first purchased your SIM card, it usually comes with a package that includes important details such as the phone number associated with it. Take a look at the packaging or any accompanying documents for this information.

3. Use alternative apps: Some third-party apps and services offer features that allow you to view your own phone number within their interface. These apps often have additional functionalities like call blocking or data usage monitoring, making them handy tools for managing various aspects of your mobile device.

4. Look in contacts or settings: Another simple way is to check if your phone’s contact list or settings display the assigned phone number under “My Number” or similar options.

Remember that these alternatives may vary depending on factors such as country and mobile network operator policies. It’s always best to refer directly to official sources (such as customer support) for accurate and up-to-date information specific to your situation.


Checking your phone number can be a simple task, regardless of whether you are using NTC, Ncell, or Smart Cell. By following the methods outlined in this article, you can quickly find out what your phone number is without any hassle.

NTC is the largest telecommunications service provider in Nepal and offers various ways to check your phone number. Whether it’s through SMS or USSD codes, NTC ensures that you have easy access to your own contact details.

Ncell is another prominent player in the Nepalese telecom market and provides convenient options for checking your phone number as well. With just a few taps on your smartphone keypad or by sending an SMS, you can effortlessly retrieve your Ncell mobile number.

Smart Cell may not be as widely known as its competitors but still offers reliable services to its users. You can easily check your Smart Cell phone number through their website or by dialing a specific code on your device.

If for some reason these methods don’t work for you, there are alternative ways to find out your phone number. Simply call customer support of your respective service provider and they will assist you in retrieving the information you need.

Remember that having knowledge of our own phone numbers is essential in today’s digital age. It allows us to stay connected with family and friends while also ensuring that we receive important calls and messages from businesses and organizations.

In conclusion (as requested), checking one’s phone number doesn’t have to be complicated. With the right resources provided by NTC, Ncell, Smart Cell or even customer support helplines if needed – finding out what our own personal contact information is becomes quick and straightforward.

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