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sandwich wrap in wax paper bags

Use Custom Wax Paper Bags for Secure Product Packaging

Those days have been in the past when people don’t care about the product’s packaging. They were fine with the use of normal paper bags. Today, trends have changed.  Custom wax paper bags have replaced traditional plastic shopping bags. Over time, people have become more conscious and demand moisture and grease-resistant packaging. Custom-made paper bagsare an ideal solution for the safe and long-lasting storage of products. However, the wax paper bag is mostly used for food packaging.  These bags are coated with paraffin wax, making them resistant to oil, grease, moisture, etc. If you are in a food brand selling delicious hamburgers, sandwiches, hot dogs, cookies, etc., these wax paper bags must be your go-to choice. They can prove the most wonderful and useful source to make your business a hit in the competitive environment.

How to Create a Moisture Resistant Creative Custom Wax Paper Bag?

Do you need guidance about the manufacturing process of custom wax paper bags and how they get created? You don’t need to fret as you have landed at the right place.In this blog, we aregoing to highlight the whole manufacturing process.  

Select the Suitable Size and Innovative Style for Wax Paper Bags:

The first thing that needs to be considered is designing wax paper bags. Apart from food, many products are packed inside the bags. Each product has specified dimensions that must be put forward during manufacturing.  You have to determine the items’ thickness, size, and width before starting manufacturing for the bag’s production.  Besides, you can decide the bottom and closures of the bags.

Use of Brown Kraft Paper for 100% Eco-Friendly Packaging:

Kraft brown paper is the most considerable choice for constructing wax paper bags. On the one hand, it is reasonable. On the other hand, Kraft paper is made with wood chips and is 100% recyclable. The organic nature of kraft helps in the secure storage of food items and preserves their natural aroma for a longer time. You can print kraft brown with simple graphics and logo images to add aesthetics.

Print the Wax Paper Bag with Advanced Printing Techniques:

Kraft and cardboard wax paper bags are accustomed to prints.  You can select advanced-quality offset and digital printing methods for remarkable photos. These methods have specified characteristics that stand them opposite each other.

Offset printing methodDigital printing method
Offset has been in use for centuries.Digital is a modern printing technique.
It is a very complicated printing method.It is digitalized and produces prints effortlessly.
Offset is a money and time-consuming process.The digital method is cost-effective.
It is recommendable for large quantities of prints.This printing process is a suitable choice for short-quantity prints.

Add Appeal in the Bags with Striking Color Scheme:

Colourful bags look very attractive and can drive out the attention of the buyers in the meantime.  You can print bags will alluring illustrations or texts related to the brand or food items. Colorful prints give a very soothing effect to the buyers.  CMYK and PMS are reliable color models that result in dazzling color prints.  CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black) produces four hue shades. In comparison, there is PMS (Pantone Matching System). This color scheme includes a plethora of color shades. It relies on you to choose between the two options that seem most appropriate to you.

Furnish the Logo Design with Embossing and Foil Stamping:

The custom printed boxes with logo design are the best source to create a distinguishable image of your brand.  You can add exclusivity and grace to the logo image with embossing and hot foil stamping. Embossing gives a three-dimensional effect and adds vibrancy to the design. While foil stamping adds grace and more sophistication.

Add Personalized Touch to-Wax Paper Bags with Die-Cuts:

This is a fact that creative design bags can become the constant source of customers’ attention. You can add a die-cut window on the bag to give visual ideas about the products. The lamination of die-cut with PVC sheet will give shelter against germs, pollutants, dirt, etc.

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