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Who Is Iman Gadzhi? [Net Worth & Businesses]

Iman Gadji is an entrepreneur and a digital marketer from London. He is the founder of IAG Media, an agency that helps entrepreneurs to quickly increase their presence on the Internet.

Today we will look at its origin and business in more detail.

IMAN GADJI is presented.

I’m only 24 years old. He began his career in digital marketing at the age of 17 and has since grown from a very successful entrepreneur and business trainer.

He was written about such publications as Forbes, Entrepreneur and The Huffington Post, and he shared his story with successful companies such as Apple, Google and Microsoft. Iman is also known as a digital marketing process that teaches other entrepreneurs to use online marketing.

I left the education system and threw high school.

Iman Gadji is an entrepreneur and business trainer who graduated from school. At the age of 17, he left high school to do digital marketing, but at that time digital marketing was not widespread and unrecognized.

Thanks to hard work and devotion, Iman has become a very successful and revered figure in online world. He now has hundreds of people around the world, he takes many digital marketing courses and participates in many publications.

This breed

The net capital of Aman Gadji is about $ 25 million. He has succeeded in the digital marketing industry, collecting assets, and now uses his assets to help others reach their business goals.

He often acts at conferences and seminars on various topics related to entrepreneurship, total hacking and digital marketing, adding to his impressive capital.

Iman gadzhi Social Media Management Project

Iman Gadji is the founder of IAG Media, digital marketing agencies and web design that supports hundreds of companies around the world.

The team consists of experienced web designers, developers and marketers with extensive experience in online marketing. The mission of Iman is to help business owners increase their presence on the Internet by providing high quality services such as website design, content creation, SEO and social networks. With it, businesses can quickly and efficiently cover the target audience.

How to create digital marketing agency

Creating a digital marketing agency is a great way to add business trays to your work and make a favorite business.

Digital marketers are responsible for creating strategies that help businesses increase sales and cover a targeted audience. Here are steps to open digital marketing agency.

Education. You can become a successful digital marketer without any formal preparation, but knowledge of the industry can help you move forward. Having passed official training or attending a digital marketing seminar, you will gain the knowledge and skills you need to success in this competition.

A business plan. To create digital marketing agency, you need to have a business plan. The business plan helps to identify the target audience, set goals, formulate a marketing strategy and plan the budget if necessary.

What about his career?

He posted a lot of videos for his marketing company on social networks, became popular on social networks and taught people to follow how to sell online. Men’s career has been taught by hundreds of marketing agencies operating at digital marketing agencies around the world.

Man Gadzi founded his first company at the age of 17 and was able to travel around the world. He threw a school at 18 years. In addition, Gadji reported $ 300,000 for the first year of work of the company.

He now manages a well -known marketing company on social networks in London.

What is a 6-digit SMMA?

The six -digit SMMA, now called Agency Incubator, is a training course for beginners marketing agents on social networks. As the agency’s owner, this online course will teach you how to direct potential customers, traffic and selling in your business and earn a constant income.

All courses are taught within 20 hours of study time. There are 9 segments, several bonus lessons and calls with coaches. One of the negative reviews about the course was that there was not enough real examples.

When you register for a course, you access marketing funnels, sales scenarios, trainings, private groups on Facebook and calls and answers twice a week.

Develop the right tools –

Successful digital marketing agencies require the right tools. It includes website creation software, e-mail automation tools, social media management software and operations that help optimize and increase efficiency.

Hire the correct command. To develop quickly, you need the right people who will perform the work of proper quality at the right time. You can strengthen your agency by finding qualified special

Lista with skills that meet your needs.

Marketing agency –

Finally, don’t forget all important marketing activities that help you propagate your services and attract new customers! Advertise to online advertising and promotions.

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