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Top 9 Best Travel Backpacks 2023 

A backpack is a traveler’s best friend. When you are going on trips, having a bag that can store all your essentials makes the distinction between a comfortable trip and a burdensome one. Many travelers often have difficulty selecting a good travel backpack, considering the available options. Being spoilt for choice can make things unnecessarily complicated. Fortunately, this article provides a guide to choosing some of the best travel backpacks based on factors such as security, capacity, and utility features. 

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  1. Osprey Farpoint 55l 

The first selection of backpacks is the 55-liter Osprey Farpoint. This backpack is one of the most popular choices for many travelers and backpackers due to its high capacity. You need a good backpack capable of carrying all your essentials outdoors without putting a strain on the seams. The Osprey Farpoint does precisely that. If you often go on trips with your Land Rover, this backpack can be a good choice since you can fasten it on the bars of your Land Rover Defender Roof Rack easily and store everything you need for the trip safely. 

  1. Tortuga Men’s Setout 45l  

When going on a backpacking trip, leaving some of the essential things since they exceed the maximum carry-on size for airline travel can be disappointing. The folks at Tortuga have devised a workaround that makes everything simpler for travelers. The Tortuga Men’s Setout 45-liter backpack is the maximum carry-on size allowed on many airlines and is ideal for backpackers traveling by air. The backpack is made from a weather-resistant material, making it suitable for wild outdoor trips. 

  1. Lowepro Whistler BP 350 AW 

Many backpackers enjoy traveling with camera equipment to keep a record of their outdoor adventures. However, not many backpacks are suited for carrying such equipment. The Lowepro Whistler BP 350 AW is specifically made to help backpackers carry all their specialized camera equipment easily. The backpack is well-partitioned to hold different equipment in place and is made from highly durable material to avoid exposing your belongings to the elements. Considering how expensive camera equipment is, this backpack is a must-have. 

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  1. Nomatic 40l Travel Backpack 

When traveling, not having to worry about the safety of your belongings guarantees the peace of mind necessary for a comfortable trip. The Nomatic 40l travel backpack has exceptional security features which ensure the safety of everything you own. For instance, the RFID protection chips and lockable zipper keep your electronic information and physical belongings safe from prying eyes.  

  1. Peak Designs Travel Backpack 

The Peak Designs Travel backpack is a 45-liter backpack with an excellent design. Made from recycled plastic, this backpack gives you the advantage of having a neat bag and conserving the environment in one fell swoop. The backpack is a good choice for those that enjoy traveling with their laptops in case they need to catch up on work when traveling. In addition, if you enjoy having a bag with nifty features such as hidden compartments and pockets, this bag will be good for you. Such pockets can be ideal for safely storing essential things such as passports, cards, and cash. 

  1. Pacsafe Venturesafe Travel Pack 

Yet another backpack that focuses on providing safety features for travelers is the Pacsafe Venturesafe Travel Pack. This backpack has an excellent fish-net design that is slash-proof to prevent anyone from tampering with it from the outside. Additionally, it has smart zippers and RFID protection for the extra security of all your belonging. Any frequent traveler will enjoy that this backpack is the exact size for air travel carry-ons, thus ensuring that you don’t have to check it in anytime you fly. 

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  1. Gregory Mountain Zulu 75l  

Considering the other selections in the list above, this backpack seems to have the largest storage size. It is this capacity that makes it ideal for hikers and campers. This backpack can carry all the essentials for your next camping trip, including that tent you often have to leave behind. The backpack provides extra functionality for protection against the elements, such as weather resistance, and many pocket sleeves to keep all your items well-organized. Having it will make all your camping trips fun and easy. 

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  1. Eagle Creek Global Companion 40L Backpack 

Another backpack ideal for travelers intent on traveling with their laptops is the Eagle Creek Global Companion. The backpack ensures the laptop’s protection by incorporating a rain-resistant cover over the laptop sleeve. The clam-shell open feature of the bag gives the extra advantage of providing additional storage space, as long as you can shut the bag afterward. However, some users complain that the outer pockets can be too small. This bag will suit you as long as you don’t need to place many items inside the external pockets. 

  1. Osprey Farpoint/Fairview 

The last option on the list is the Osprey Farpoint/Fairview. This backpack is one good choice for people that regularly travel by air due to its appropriate carry-on dimensions. However, the design might not suit you if you travel with your laptop. This is because the laptop sleeve is on the outside of the bag, exposing your laptop to risk. However, this is an excellent backpack for someone intent on saving a buck. 

Wrapping Up 

The selections above are excellent choices of backpacks to have on your next travel escapade. When deciding which backpack to carry, always ensure that the bag meets all your specifications of size, weight, and functionality to make your travel experience better. The options above are always a great place to start. 

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