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How Good Is Linux Shared Hosting for blog website

How Good Is Linux Shared Hosting for Blog Websites in USA?

There is a huge population of bloggers and if you want to join them you need to do sacral things. First select the name of your blog website, Website design, hosting company, marketing plans, and many more things. 

However, the most important thing in all of them is selecting the best hosting service and Hosting company for your blog website. It doesn’t matter how good your website looks if it doesn’t perform well enough. Even though there are so many web hosting services available, new websites, especially blogs, should use Linux shared hosting in USA to improve performance and scalability.

The world of the internet has changed forever with shared hosting. It is the cheapest web hosting service and is used by the majority of website owners. 

Under this guide, I will tell you How Good is Linux Shared for newly built blog websites in USA. Before that, let me tell you a brief introduction to shared hosting and its terms.

How Does Shared Hosting Differ From Other Web Hosting Options?

Shared hosting is a web hosting solution that is the most preferable and best option for Beginners in the world of website hosting. In this hosting numerous websites are housed on a single physical server. All the websites on the primary server share and use the space and resources of that server. 

There are many people out there who think Shared hosting and VPS hosting are similar. But there is a huge difference between both of them such as-

  • In VPS hosting, a physical server is a house of many virtual servers and all of them are allocated to different users. Every VPS owner gets his private hosting environment and personal resources for their website. Unlike this Shared hosting does not provide your website with a private environment, you have to share everything that comes with the server.
  • VPS provides you with overall root access to the server but in shared hosting, you will not get the authority to make any changes to your server.

If we compare shared hosting with dedicated hosting. Then Dedicated hosting is a type of web hosting where a single website owner buys the whole server just to host its website.

What Does it Mean by Linux Shared Hosting?

Every server requires an operating system to run and function and when a shared server runs on a Linux Operating system it is called a Linux Shared server and the hosting performed on that server is called Linxu shared hosting.

Benefits of Linux hosting in USA

  • Linux is open-source and it gives you much more customization options than any other operating system.
  • Because of its open-source nature, it provides more security Linux hosting in USA provides more security to your website.
  • Linux is a free operating system, which is why some of the best Linux shared hosting in USA plans are less expensive than you might expect.

Why Blog Websites Should Be Hosted on Linux Shared Hosting in USA?

  • Pricing: 

As I mentioned earlier, Linux is an operating system that is free to use. Unlike Windows, there is no licensing cost or no updation charges as well. When you start a blog website from scratch you have to invest a lot of money into setting everything up. You have to hire a designer, a developer, and also a melting agency for better website ranking.

The last thing you want to spend much money on is an expensive Web hosting plan. Although, VPS and dedicated servers are one of the best Web hosting services and much better than shared servers as ell they cost higher than you might not want to purchase one for your blog website.

And when your blog is new it does not require a lot of server space, RAM, CPU, etc. So, you can easily rely on a Cheap Linux Shared hosting plan in USA. it will fulfill all the demands of your new blog within your budget. 

  • Designed for New Website Owners:

If you are a travel blogger or food blogger then you might not have enough time to manage your website. Also if you are not a tech-savvy person then it will be more difficult for you to manage your hosting. 

Linux shared hosting is a Web hosting type that is completely managed by Web hosting providers in USA. You don’t have to do much on your server. All major tasks like updations and customizations will be done by the Web Hosting provider. 

Additionally, web hosting providers like Hostbillo, provide you with a free control panel along with the server, so you can manage your website without any issues. Moreover, they offer 24/7 customers as well so you can contact them in case you required any help or assistance.

  • Security:

Here’s where Linux shared hosting in USA falls short. There are more hosting methods that are much more sucre than Shared hosting in USA. Cyber security risks are minimal if your new website does not contain too much information. However, when you buy the best-shared hosting plans from a quality web hosting provider they will always take care of all security risks. 

Hostbillo, provide a free SSL certificate and regular server monitoring to prevent any security issues.

  • Scalability

As your website starts to grow, it demands more and more resources from the server for better performance. The primary and most important resources are STorage space, CPU, RAM, and Bandwidth. The best thing about Linux Shared hosting in USA is that you can easily update this hosting. All it takes few clicks and minutes.

  • Backups

Blogs are not just a place where you just upload your thoughts and showcase them to the world. It is also a business platform and it is important that the data you upload on your blog website is backed up regularly. 

Sadly, backup implementation and recovery are not the simple as you might think. That is why it is important that you choose a web hosting company to create regular backups of your website. Hostbillo hosting solution is a company that offers a weekly backup facility with all their Linux Shared hosting plans and packages in USA.


Bloggers are very important in this world. They do tell people about different and new things that are hidden in this world. If you are one of them then you might know that it is not very task to be a  blogger it takes a lot of time and effort.

So it is very important that the website where you p[ut all your blogs and other content is safe and secure and perform at its peak. 

For new bloggers, Linux shared hosting in USA is an excellent choice due to its affordability, reliability, and security. 

And if you want the best Linux hosting plans in USA you must go with the Hostbillo hosting solution. They offer one of the most affordable Linus shared hosting plans with enormous features in USA.

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